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Crying Wolf

Professor Jack Chin has compiled an impressive collection of made-up stories, and worse, false criminal accusations.  Crying Wolf.

One of the most infamous cases of false accusations I can think of involved Kristy Holden, who told several of her male friends that she was raped.  Her friends then beat the hell out of her "attacker."  Oops, it turned out that she lied.

Double oops, her "attacker" had to stand trial.  Had Holden noted caved under cross-examination, it's possible the only real rape victim would have been the college kid she falsely accused, who undoubtedly would have spent a couple of unpleasant years in prison.

Her male friends who tried to vindicate her honor ended up with felony rap sheets; and some hapless male had his life - at least temporarily - ruined.  Way to go, Kristy Holden!