Hecker's Veto - Mahan's Response
Seth Waxman, the Death Penalty, and John Roberts

John Roberts' Nomination

Here's all I'll have to say on the matter (which I wrote in an e-mail a few months ago):

I'm excited to hear that Justice Janice Brown is going to recieve an up-or-down vote.  I've been a fan of her's for years.  It's just a real shame the way she was treated.  I just don't understand why there is so much hatred for good people because of legal disagreements.  My views on some issues, e.g., qualified immunity, differ from those of a lot of the current nominees.  I'd like to see qualified immunity abolished.

But so what if we disagree?  There's room for disagreement on these issues, and so long as the judge is willing to look at the facts and law in good faith, then there shouldn't be a problem. 

Even though I'll probably dislike many of Roberts' decisions, he is a man of character.  Somehow "good character" has come to mean "agrees with me."  This is the wrong way to look at judicial nominations, and the wrong way to look at life.