Bozeman v. Orum
The Breakdown of Law and Order

Police Misconduct

Federal judge Stephen Breyer wants a DEA agent (Dwayne Bareng) investigated for perjury:

The friction arose from Breyer's attempt to get prosecutors to investigate why DEA agent Dwayne Bareng gave conflicting testimony before invoking his Fifth Amendment right during cross examination on Aug. 16. Bareng had said he did not know why the FBI fired a key informant whom Bareng had later used in a drug investigation. He then said he did know -- it had been for lying -- before eventually taking the Fifth.

The AUSA (Edward Weiner) doesn't care that the DEA agent may have perjured himself.  Screw off, Judge.  (via Grits for Breakfast).

A police officer (Michael McDonald of Dayton, Ohio) pepper sprayed a fast-food worker because the officer thought she short-changed him.  Oops, the video doesn't lie.  (Via CrimLaw)  UPDATE: To the city's credit, they fired Michael McDonald, but the police union made sure he got his job back.

Would police officers really use paramilitary tactics to break up a peaceful teenage party?  Yes.