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The Miers' Nomination Around the Blogs

Here's a one-sentence summary of the Miers' nomination: With friends like Harry Ried, the Miers nomination needs a lot of (conservative) enemies.  Indeed, excluding Kmiec, there isn't a respectable conservative legal scholar supporting her nomination.  That has to hurt.  Here are a few interesting posts:

    *  Feddie has this very humorous post.
    *  Berman notes that Miers' crime-and-punishment views tend to mirror the ABA's.  Given Miers' past leadershipship roles in ABA-related clubs, this could be a major left-wing coup.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)
    *  Kerr has a lot of interesting things to say.  Follow this link and keep scrolling down.  In keeping with his dual-role as VC non-hack and comedian, Kerr wrote this funny post.
    *  Bainbridge takes Hugh Hewitt (a/k/a Hugh Hack) to the mat
    *  As does Ponnuru.