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August 22, 2006


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» Cash is King Criminal from A Stitch in Haste
Even non-lawyers generally know that a defendant can be acquitted of a crime (because the prosecution failed to meet the high burden of proving guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt") but can still lose a civil lawsuit over the same transaction or occurrenc... [Read More]

» Driving while loaded from Overlawyered
A Nebraska state trooper stopped Emiliano Gomez Gonzolez for speeding on Interstate 80 in 2003 in his rental car, then proceeded to seize $124,000 from a cooler in the back seat. According to the Eighth... [Read More]

» Outrage of the Day from damnum absque injuria
Q: If you have a lot of money in your car and act a little funny when the police pull you over for speeding, does that make you a drug dealer? A: Yes, if you are in the Eighth Circuit. Lordy. Double-hat tip: Mona (yes, that Mona) and Radley Balko (ye... [Read More]