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Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Please Get Lost

I'll bet that wall-eyed weaselette, Nancy Grace, is as pleased as a, well, wall-eyed weaselette, to have had a guest on her show commit suicide. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right Ms., er, Grace? Perhaps next time the person will kill themselves on stage. What great reality television, huh, Nance?

The battling blonde blimp recently invited 21-year-old Melinda Ducket to her nationally televised trough. While on the set, the former prosecutor berated, abused and tormented the young mother. She all but accused the young woman of murdering her own child. Tormented To Death

Ms. Ducket's two year old son has been missing for two weeks. Police no doubt suspect her. But as for the former prosecutor turned prime-time vigilante, she screamed at the poor mother in the kleig-lit interrogation: "Why won't you tell us where you were?" She pounded her fist-let, eyes bulging, the female twin of Rush Limbaugh.

The next day, Ms. Ducket killed herself.

Grace is a burnt out lawyer who couldn't cut it in the courtroom any more, so she bottled up her rage and sold it to network television. Now she spews without consequences. In a world of images dominated by those with gifts of either beauty or glib, Ms. Grace, who is neither beautiful nor well-spoken, has made a niche for herself in the vineyards of rage.

Nancy Grace didn't kill Ms. Ducket. But I'll bet she wishes she did. She's a killer prosecutor, after all. A mouthpiece for justice, she thinks.

In fact, she little more than sour flatulence. Pity poor Miss Ducket dying with that stench fresh in her nostrils.