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The Death of Conservatism (As an Intellectual Movement, At Least)

If I Read It

Oh, c'mon, people. Who wouldn't want to read a book by O.J. Simpson on how he would have murdered Nicole Simpson and the boy toy with whom her corpse was found? We are a confessional culture, after all. Day-time soaps are replete with damning admissions. We lap them up like lapsed priests, enjoying the show but lacking the means to absolve.

Simpson apparently has written such a book. And there was a publisher ready, willing and able to publish the work. Interviews with the aging football star were in the works, too.

Then people started to complain. The result? Rupert Murdoch's relevant anatomy shrunk to the size of two shriveled peas. "No deal, O.J.," he said. No televsion appearances on the Fox network. No book deal with ReganBooks, another of Murdoch's entities.

O.J. was acquitted of murdering Ms. Brown and Ron Goldman in 1994. Thereafter, a civil jury found him liable. He's been playing peekaboo with his judgment creditors ever since. Indeed, the rage-soaked figure of Goldman's father recently returned to court to try to acquire the right to Simpson's name. Perhaps Mr. Goldman hopes to acquire the right to sign O.J.'s autograph himself. Question? Who would want Goldman's signature?

Of course, proceeds from the sale of any book cannot be seized under a Son of Sam law. O.J. was acquitted, after all. But why wouldn't the Goldman clan want the book published so that O.J. might have assets to seize?

Apparently, copies of the Simpson book have made their way to bookstores and are now being recalled. I assume some copies are out and about, and I am pulling all the strings I have as a bookstore owner to find one.

Fox and freedom of the press? What cavilling wimps those news executives are. They committed to a project and then cut and run because it was unpopular. Fox and the voice of the people? Sure, so long as it is the grumble of the lowest common denominator.

I suddenly want this book.