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DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Schlozman for Perjury

Yesterday, in a post entitled, "DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility: Protecting Their Own," we argued that the United States Department of Justice does not take professional misconduct within its ranks seriously.  Today, Attorney General Holder rubber-stamped our conclusion.  Jeff Jeffrey of the Legal Times has this report:  

Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has decided not to file criminal charges against a former Justice Department official who Senate leaders have said lied to Congress while under oath.

Bradley Schlozman, who served as the top official in Justice's Civil Rights Division under President George W. Bush, has been accused of lying to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2007 while testifying as part of the investigation into the U.S. attorney firings of 2006.

According to a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Professional Responsibility, Schlozman falsely testified that he did not factor politics into his hiring decisions.

Falsely testifying under oath before Congress is called perjury.  Why won't Schlozman be prosecuted?  Simple: The Department of Justice protects its own.