LAPD Beats Up Another Guy
"We All Lose if Cops Have All the Power"

Guess Who Wins

This story begins:

Aboard a crowded Brooklyn-bound B train last Wednesday, one of those nasty little spats broke out over who was in whose space. Leaning against the center pole was a diminutive young woman in a skirt. Towering over her was a heavyset man in a suit, with long dreadlocks. The big guy accused the woman of hoarding the pole. The woman told the man to move his hand. He told her to stop taking up so much room. She shot back that he should do the same and go on a diet. Ouch.


Black said the big guy pulled her off the train, banging her hard against a pillar on the platform. When she was able to yank her bag away, the man said he was going to call the police. "I started walking, and he kept following me. I walked out into the street; I just wanted to find someone to help get this guy away from me."

The girl was 23-years old and 5'2". The 37-year old man was a strongly built 5'7". When police enter the scene, whom do you think they arrest? Would you change your guess if I told you that the man was an assistant district attorney? I sure hope so.

Outside, Black said, Nottage was on the phone loudly telling someone he was with the district attorney. Within minutes, five squad cars were on the scene, she said. A female officer apologetically told Black she would have to handcuff her and take her to the precinct. "She told me not to worry, that he [Nottage] was raising a big stink, but there was no way I would be arrested." The worst-case scenario, Black was told, was that she would get a ticket and have to show up later in court.

At the station, Black was held in a cell. As the hours ticked on, sympathetic officers told her they were trying to file a cross-complaint against Nottage for taking her bag. Nottage, however, had gone to the precinct's top commanders, she was told, who were worried about bucking the D.A. "They told me they had to work with the district attorney's office, so they really couldn't go up against him," she said.

One cop told the Voice that everyone in the precinct was angry at the way the incident was handled.

"My heart went out to her; so did everyone's in the precinct. This guy [Nottage] was about twice her size," said the officer, who asked not to be named, citing Nottage's apparent clout. "Did he throw his name around as to who he was? Absolutely. The worst that would usually happen would be that she would get a D.A.T. [desk appearance ticket]. Instead he insisted she be put through the system."

Black was kept in the precinct holding pen through the night and the next day. Black said she suffers from hypoglycemia and became dizzy and ill twice, having to be transported to the hospital, then back to the precinct.

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