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Billable hour?

An enterprising young law graduate turned the billable hour - the scorge of lawyers - to her advantage. However, now Uncle Sam wants the money:

Federal prosecutors argue the government should keep $61,000 in cash seized from an Oakland woman who allegedly worked as a high-priced call girl to repay student loans from her time at Stanford Law School.

Court documents detail how agents sifted through trash, conducted surveillance, interviewed clients and a colleague, pored over tax returns and surfed the Internet to build a case for keeping money seized from Cristina Schultz, 31 -- who they say used the name "Brazil" and charged $1,300 for two hours

I would not want to be the one looking through a call girl's trash.

Thus far she has not been charged with any crimes, though I imagine the IRS is scrutinizing her tax returns. She could also face money laundering and Mann Act charges.

Unlike the mainstream media, I'll link to Ms. Schultz's web site, which can be found here. (Not work safe).