Cross-examination, and the whether and why rule
The name above appears on the pass list for the July 2004 California Bar Examination.

A few changes

I'm pleased to inform you that I am now blogging as part of's affiliate network.  Nothing on this blawg will change, except you'll notice a large but tasteful advertisement on the right column.  I don't expect to make much money working with, but I will have many more readers.

The best part of having more readers is that my referral power will increase.  Many good people have brought traffic to me.  Finally I'll be able to pay them back.

Also, there's no need to think I "sold out," because no one has editorial control over this page, except for me and you, since I often tone things down after a discussion with a reader.  But if things change here, it's only because I'm a bit scared.  My fellow affiliates (I don't dare say colleagues) include these blogs:

The Volokh Conspiracy
May it Please the Court
I/P Updates
The [non]billable hour
Jottings by an Employment Lawyer

So, if I seem a bit intimated, it's only because, well, I am.