Ethics and the Criminal Defense Lawyer

Article III Groupie and Feminism

We often hear that intelligent girls hide their brilliance from their peers because guys do not like smart girls.  Is it true that guys do not like smart girls, or is it more accurate to say that smart girls need to look harder for an intellectual match? 

I think the answer lies with Article III Groupie and her blog Underneath Their Robes.

A3G gets numerous compliments and unsolicited date invitations by men who have never seen her.  A3G is adored for her brains, not her looks.  Although many people suspect that she is attractive, it is her poignant writing and creativeness that attract her many admirers.  One person even wants to "totally make out with A3G."

Indeed, even if Groupie is really a man, as Judge Posner has suggested, my point remains true.  People assume she is a brilliant woman, and that is why they love her.  Groupie is clearly the Most Wanted Blogger. 

She also moves forward the womens' movement more so than affirmative action or other quota programs.  Groupie demonstrates that men will fall over themselves for a brilliant girl.  So, ladies, if you want a successful companion, don't be afraid to put down the compact and pick up a book (though there is nothing wrong with being brilliant and beautiful).

There is no longer an excuse for girls to believe that they must hide their brains.  That is, you don't need to hide your intelligence if you want to date lawyers instead of stoners.  Then again, if you want to date from the later category, you are probably not, by definition, very sharp.

[Thanks to my wife, who also admires Groupie, for inspiring this post.]