Members of Repent America Charged with Hate Crimes
Ward Connerly

A Favorite Blog

I love information.  I like knowing everything about everyone.  And I'm a pretty effective sleuth.  When friends want to find a law or a fact, they call me.  Thus, I was very pleased to learn of PI News Link.

Its proprietor is a California private investigator, and the blog is excellent.  Indeed, I've added its proprietor to my rolodex, since one always needs to know a good PI.  I'm not even sure it's possible to win a criminal case without one.

A recent entry "Are you Searching Blogs" explains why my privacy and e-mail policies are so strict.  Ms. Thompson writes:

Almost all of the detailed background I developed on one subject in a case came from piecing together all his internet posts. His marriage. His divorce. Why he moved. Where he's working...

Innovative investigators, lawyers, and police officers are harvesting blogs for information about people.  One girl was nabbed after she made incriminating statements on her blog.  Thus, I keep quiet about what you tell me, and what I find through my own efforts.  While I love information, I value privacy even more.  (Of course, you should protect your own privacy by being careful what you write on your own blog or in e-mails, since someone is always watching).

Anyhow, do visit PI News Link.