Jury Duty
Internet Fraud and Service of Process

Not your Everyday Case

This is a disturbing case

Rachel Klobertanz  and complaining witness (CW) dated for several months.  RK and CW got into a fight over money but broke up when the got into an argument over money.  During the argument, RK allegedly threw CW into a grandfather clock before trying to strangle her.  CW then obtained a restraining order against RK.

A few months later CW voluntarily went to meet RK and Augusta Kenall in a downtown bar.  The three of them went to an apartment (we don't know whose) to party.

After drinking three bottles of champagne, they go into the bedroom and start have three-way sex.  The sex has so far been consensual.  CW ends up in handcuffs, but she doesn't remember who put them on her. 

Then RK smacked CW in the face, CW demands to be released, and RK and AK allegedly rape and cut her.

For more details (including a note about RK and AK's knife collection), read the full story.