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Do It In LA!

I have lost my share of trials, even high-stakes trials attended by the media. It hurts. You sometimes wonder what the jury was thinking, and then the doubt turns inward, and you start gnawing your own innards: How could I have failed in such a case?

But one thing I have never done is call a jury "incredibly stupid."

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley gets that distinction. After loosing what appeared to be a slam-dunk murder case against Robert Blake, he piped up that Mr. Blake was "as guilty as sin."

Perhaps it's something about LA. First, OJ; now Blake. Stars accused of murder and prosecuted, then acquitted by jurors.

Las Vegas is known for the ease with which a couple can wed. Perhaps LA is competing for a different distinction. Wanna kill your spouse or lover and walk? Do it in LA. Quite an advertising campaign can be built around that theme.

Wish I were practicing in LA. It looks as though there is plenty of stupidity present in the county. As I see it, a good share of it is sitting in the District Attorney's office. Damn fools don't know how to try a case.