Stay In New York, Rudy

Great Advice

Do read this excellent post: How to talk to a lawyer.

I would add a couple of points:

*   Do not ramble on and on that the police did not read you your rights when they arrested you.  Chances are that the police officer was not required to read you your rights.  But do tell your lawyer once that: "The police officer never read me my rights."

*  Don't tell anyone but your lawyer your story, even if it's necessary to protect your reputation or good name.  It doesn't matter if you're as innocent as the Virgin Mary: If convicted, your life is over.  Your reputation will be that, "S/he's a convicted felon."  So instead of sharing the facts that prove your innocence with others, save them for your lawyer, and the jury.  You can worry about repairing your reputation once you walk from court as a free man or woman.

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