DSM-IV-TR and the Evidence Code
Why Raich Will Lose

No "Constitution in Exile"?

Are the guys over at the Volokh Conspiracy smoking something? They really don't think anyone is serious about trying to fill the federal courts with caricatures of the people Sinclair Lewis caricaturized?

I confess: I am not scholar. I don't teach law, or anything else. I just go to court everyday on behalf of the people who pay me to represent them in one scrap or another. I am a junkyard dog.

But even I smell something foul in the land.

I smell resurgent fundamentalism and a desire to pack courts with judges with little or no respect for privacy: Abortion? No. Prayer?  Yes. Gay marriage? No. We are free to swim, but only in the mainstream. Yuck.

International treaties? No, let's make the world safe for land mines and economic destruction. We are sovereign after all. As if we existed in a world of our own creation.

Why deny the obvious? Cultural conservatives have a whole lot of court-packin' going on.