New Opinions on Tuesday and Wednesday

Cases Remaining for the 2004 Term

Using my limited abilities, I created a chart which does the following:

    * denotes the cases on the Court's docket
    * links to the respective briefs
    * provides the oral argument date
    * links to the respective slip opinion, if applicable.

In red font are those opinions which I think are likely to be handed down within the next couple of weeks. For those cases, I summarized the legal issues.  Please note that the chart is neither perfect in form or substance; but it's better than nothing.  If you spot any errors or omissions, please leave a comment. Better yet, download the file, improve it, and post it on your own blog.  Anyhow, click here to access the chart.

It seems pretty likely that this week we will see Small v. United States; Pasquantino v. United States; and Wilkinson v. Austin.  [Ed's note: They were handed down today.  Small is here; Pasquantino is here.] 

UPDATE (4.26.05): On Wednesday (that's tomorrow if you're reading this today) I expect to see Miller-El v. Dretke and either Granholm v. Heald or Veneman v. Likestock Marketing Ass'n.  The reason I don't expect to see both Granholm and Veneman is because they're both blockbusters.  The Court enjoys publicity: spreading out the "big" cases over the weeks ensures that all eyes remain on One First Street.

If you don't trust my chart (and you shouldn't), you can search the docket here; the oral argument calendar here; and slip opinions here.