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Justice Kennedy Answers Sentencing Questions


You should start one.  If it was marginally good, it would get a lot of hits.  If it was really good, I guarantee it would be widely read.  You'd probably even get cases because of it.

Read this post by Prof Berman if you think I'm joking.

By the way, happy birthday to Professor Berman's Sentencing Law & Policy, which turned one last week.  Berman rarely sings his own praises (and, I guess when your blawg is as good as his is, there's no need to draw attention its author; the thing speaks for itself).  So I'll do it.

Berman, a sentencing law expert, began blogging right as Blakely came down.  Though there were many blawgs before his, few blawggers had his talent; and none had his timing.  Indeed, if memory serves me, several state and federal judges cited to his Blakely-related commentary, making his blawg the first one cited in a published opinion.  When he broke an exclusive story, the U.S. Supreme Court tipped its hat.  Given that blogs are still avant-garde, those nods were doubly special.

If it's true that luck is the intersection of opportunity and ability, Berman is the luckiest blawgger.  Happy Blawgday, and please, keep it up.