No Bill of Attainder Violation?
Another Question for Trial Lawyers

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I should be desensitized by now, but some things still bother me.

After a mentally disabled black man was found beaten, unconscious, and shivering on a fire ant mound in 2003, four white men charged in the crime could have faced 10 years in prison.

But folks in this poor, pine-locked Texas hamlet of 2,300 say they knew better.

On Friday, the four young men accused of severely injuring 44-year-old Billy Ray Johnson during a late-night pasture party are expected to be sentenced to probation or brief jail time after juries rejected more serious charges and recommended suspended sentences for two of them.

Pond scum Randal Lee, a prosecutor, apologized for the boys. 

I feel like he (Johnson) was invited to be taunted because of his limited mental capacity, not so much his race. He was the entertainment for the night.

So it's okay to beat a person, throw him in a dump truck, and leave him on an ant hill.  If he's disabled.  Way to go, Randy Lee.  Here's the full story.