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Truth, Death, and Ethics

Thank you for the great comments re: Deadly Lies.  Mr. Atma (a regular whose incisive comments regulate) posted Newsweek's "retraction."  Please read it  and then consider this: 

Mahan, thanks for the supplemental information. When I read the article I thought: "Hmmm.... Is it possible Newsweek fell on its sword after seeing how much harm the truth caused people?" Then I thought about all the journalists who gleefully ruin lives in the name of mere half-truths, and thus dismissed that possibility. 

But perhaps the official fell on his sword. Which presents an interesting question. If you were the anonymous source, would you recant truthful allegations because the truth was causing people to die?  

What would you do?  Anonymous comments are welcomed.  (Just type "Anonymous" in the name field; and "" in the e-mail field.)