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Matt Roshkow - Fired Nanny Update

I'll continue to follow the fired nanny story because it represents all that I hate - those with more power exploiting those with less.  Here, Helaine Owen, who apparently couldn't get into the Times   on her own merit, caricatured her nanny for a byline.  It seems Ms. Olen's husband is named Matt Roshkow.

Mr. Roshkow, we'll remember, admitted to firing the nanny for pretextual reasons.  "[Matt Roshkow] didn't bring up the blog with her and instead cited other factors for her dismissal."  Someone should consider that before hiring him. If named in an employment discrimination suit, would anyone believe that his stated reasons for the termination were his real reasons? After that Times article, will anyone trust him?

It also seems that Mr. Roshkow writes Disney screen plays.  I wonder from what Disney movie he got the idea to fire the nanny, caricature her, and then sell it to the Times.  I knew Disney produced The Prince and the Pauper, now, it seems, they're working on a children's edition of The Prince.

After that Times article, will anyone want to associate with this slime?  I hope any furture nannies, business partners, and potential friends do a Google search before associating with these rattle snakes.

(The hat tip, again, goes to Amber Taylor.)