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Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been ...

This morning's New York Times carried a piece on the influence of the Federalist Society. One of the group's co-founder's, Steven G. Calabresi, likened the current climate of opinion about membership in the society to McCarthyism.

"Are you now or have you evern been a member of the Federalist Society?" he quipped.

Certainly, questions about John Robert's judicial views and the philosophic underpinnings of those views are appropriate. But to suggest that the society operates as some secular Opus Dei is a bit much.

I suspect Mike, the founder of this page, is a member. What of it? I still associate shamelessly with him. Am I now, or have I ever been, a member?

Hell, no.

Years ago I went to a debate sponsored by the society. I wasn't sure what it was. When I arrived, I sensed something seriously amiss. Most of the attendees were Brooks Brothers and Talbots. My frayed khakis and sandals seemed out of place.

Debate is good. Conformity is not. The Federalist Society? Apparently a salt lick of conservatism. So what?  Just honk the horn every so often to make sure the deer staring into the headlights don't get killed.