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Gagging (and Framing) Free Speech

Should the government be able to censor you when it's necessary to prevent you from embarassing someone who harmed you?  Say, for example, you were able to photograph a peeping tom.  Should you be able to publish the peeping tom's photograph on your website?  Dan Solove says "censorship" in this post, and I say free speech in the comments

The post is also interesting since Solove and I are in a framing war.  He is attempting to frame the disclosure of truthful but embarassing facts as "Internet vigilantism."  I am attempting to frame his approach for what it is - censorship.  Which frame will prevail?  This matters a great deal, since if Solove's frame wins, e-shaming will be limited.  Who, after all, supports vigilantism of any kind?  If my frame prevails, then e-shaming will be less limited.  Who, after all, supports censorship?

We won't know for a few years which frame will be accepted.  For the sake of free speech and public safety, I hope everyone recognizes that publishing photos of a peeping tom isn't vigilantism, it's free speech.  Do check out the post and my comments.