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Prosecute Randy Lee

I previously noted the travesty involving a black man in Linden, Texas, whom four men beat and left for dead on an ant hill.  The story, as predicated, wasn't widely covered, mainly because people are afraid to take on prosecutors.  The Volokh Conspiracy's Orin Kerr, thankfully, had the courage to express his outrage.

The story almost died, but the Chicago Tribune has picked it up.  Read the full story for a factual background.  My hope is that the prosecutor, Cass County District Attorney Randal Lee, will be held responsible for perpetuating racial violence.  His law license should suspended.  Mr. Lee, we'll recall, had this to say about the four racist predators:

I feel like he (Johnson) was invited to be taunted because of his limited mental capacity, not so much his race. He was the entertainment for the night.

If you are as offended by Lee's acts as I am, then I encourage you to contact the State Bar of Texas.  You may express your outrage at this racially-motivated act of prosecutorial nullification by leaving a note here.  If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?