Jury Decisionmaking in Section 1983/Prison Rape Case
U.S. v. Ochoa

Say it ain't so

Say it ain't so. Someone please tell me this did not happen.

California criminal defense lawyer Daniel Horowitz did not appear on television to tell Nancy Grace about finding his wife's badly beaten body in the couple's home this past weekend. He couldn't have. He has more more class than that, doesn't he? He really wouldn't cast the pearls of his lost love before that rage-addicted, wall-eyed swine of a legal commentator, would he?

I missed the show. But I've heard reports. Grace got to go ga-ga over gore. What did Horowitz get? Exposure? Are kleig-lights so addictive that even in the darkest of hours, Horowitz could not say no to face time?

Has his wife even been buried yet?