Kathleen Goes Belly Up
Police Officers Who Killed Dogs Face Civil Trial

CATO Unbound

The Cato Institute has started a blog that deserves to be bookmarked:

The inaugural issue of the Cato Institute’s new online monthly is here! Our December 2005 edition, “The Living Constitution: Amendments for the 21st Century,” kicks off with an essay by Nobel laureate and Cato Institute distinguished senior fellow James M. Buchanan. We asked, “If you could add any three amendments to the Constitution, what would they be?”  Buchanan gives his answer in “Three Amendments: Responsibility, Generality, and Natural Liberty,” arguing for a radical recipe of restraint. In the coming days, you’ll find replies from Yale Law’s Akhil Reed Amar, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski, and Cato Institute chairman William A. Niskanen.

Check it out.