Bye, Bye Roe
Deconstructing the ABC-Scalia Story

Where Was Justice Scalia?

ABC news has "broken" the "exclusive" story that Justice Scalia, rather than attending Chief Justice John Roberts' swearing-in ceremony, was goofing off in Colorado.  In truth (and when one is blogging aobut the MSM's Supreme Court reporting, "in truth" is an appropriate qualifier), Justice Scalia had long ago committed teachinga  mini-course on separation of powers.  I was on an e-mail list that started receiving save-the-date notices for this even long before Justice Roberts was nominated.  (Here's the program information - hidden in plain view.)

What ABC News also omits is this: Over 100 people spent hundreds of dollars in program and travel expenses to attend the event.  Should Scalia simply had cancelled the event, basically wronging everyone who had literally spents months planning to attend the event?