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Saying (A Snarky) Hello

Via Sean Sirrine I learned about a new law student law blog.  What makes this one special?  Well, the student is getting law school credit for it.  Not bad.

Anyhow, the student solicited advice from several bloggers, and began his request for help as such: 

I apologize for writing a “form email,” but I have collected a large number of email addresses of law student bloggers and it would be too overwhelming to write everyone personally.

If this blogger - who had never corresponded with many of his targets, and who is getting law school credit for his endeavor - considers personalizing an e-mail to even quite a few bloggers "too overwhelming," well.... Let's just say we all have a lot to learn, and I hope our young blogger realizes that to be successful at anything, you sometimes have to do things that at first seem overwhelming.  With that caveat, do say hello to 3L Epiphany.

UPDATE/HINT, HINT, I looked around, and the blog has promise.  Something that would be very useful, and something that a law student earning student credit for blogging might undertake, would be writing an annotated bibliography of all law blogs that, say, have existed for longer than one year and have been updated regularly.  The annotated bibliography (which would be the only such source) would be widely-read, and it's something that people would regularly turn to when they wanted to find out more about blogs.