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The Most Awkward Aspect of Blogging

I'm curious to hear from other bloggers what you find most awkward about blogging.  I'm not usually afraid of incorrectly stating the law; on the rare occasions I'm wrong, I note a correction.  Everyone has made a mistake about the law.  It happens.  No, for me the most awkward thing about blogging is this: When I blog about particular people and those people then read our blog.

E.g., my stat counter indicates that people referenced in the post below are now - or just were - reading the post about them.  It always makes me feel sort of weird -- it makes me feel like I'm talking behind someone's back. 

Of course, everything I write stays on the page, comments are open, and it's easy to find my e-mail address.  So no one is denied the opportunity to heard.  But it still feels weird to me, even after 2 years of blogging.