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Taking the Constitution out of Constitutional Law

John Dickinson, a Stanford law student who blogs at the pretentiously (if not aptly) named "World Class Federalists in Paradise" writes:

Help! I'm studying for exams, where can I find the text of the First Amendment?

Apparently not in (my professor) Kathleen Sullivan's First Amendment Law textbook.  No Joke.  Not even in an appendix.

The professor for my con law (individual rights section) class told us on the first day of class: "The Constitution is in the back of the casebook, though you don't need to read it.  It's not particularly relevant to what we'll be studying."  I thought this was pretty amusing, if not true.  As you might expect, my con law professor (for the federalism and separation of powers section) had a different view on the Constitution's relevance to constitutional law.