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Congratulations to Ken Lammers

Long-time criminal-law blogger and criminal-defense lawyer, Ken Lammers, is winding down his law practice to accept a job as a prosecutor.  Congratulations!  One of his blog readers is displeased

... I could never see myself as becoming a part of that side of the system. You have no choice but go along with it. If you think you can make a difference for the better, much luck to you. It will take more perseverance than defense work.

This reader is wrong-headed.  The legal system absolutely needs more prosecutors who understand that innocent people are actually charged with crimes or - more commonly - are overcharged with crimes.   Ken's valuable experience as a defense lawyer will make it less likely that he'll cut corners just to get a conviction -- and it'll less likely that he'll prosecute innocent defendants.  It's a good day for Ken, and a great day for criminal justice in Virginia.