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David Sheehan/Saeed R Sehizadeh, Spammer-At-Law

We all get a lot of spam.  Usually I just delete it and move on.  But just now I received a particularlry irksome piece of spam:  In the blog's inbox came this bit of spam from a lawyer:

Subject line: Wrongful Death Case.

As a Personal Injury Lawyer practicing in the PI field, I know the challenges facing all of us as we try to bring in more business and have a stream of new clients.... 

Join the largest network of personal injury lawyers while it is still free. Once we are on the first page of Google, you have to pay a premium to become a member. Enjoy the most sophisticated listing at the most sophisticated network of Personal Injury Lawyers in the nation: [redacted], where we continue to offer free membership.

Here is a summary of the benefit of your membership...

 Sincerely, David Sheehan, Attorney ...

After some digging, I learned that David Seehan is a lawyer.  But his real name is Saeed R Sehizadeh.

Now I recognize that everyone has to hussle.  But spamming?!  Aren't there other ways of doing business?

In any event, Mr. Sheehan did three things wrong.  First, his subject line was misleading.  The e-mail had nothing to do with a "Wrongful Death Case."  Rather, it was a commerical solicitation.  Likely, Mr. Sheehan wanted to trick his e-mail's receipients into thinking a potential client, rather than a spammer, was e-mailing him.

Second, since Mr. Sheehan sent the e-mail to the Crime And Federalism inbox, it appears he is harvesting e-mail addresses from law blogs.  In other words, he's a professional spammer.

Third, he sent spam to a computer-savvy blogger.  Big mistake - times two.  I found his e-mail addresses, which I am going to share.  And now anyone looking for information on David Sheehan will learn that he's a spammer.  [Ed's Note: Mr. Sheehan, if you apologize to me and everyone else you spammed, then I will delete this post.  Otherwise, anyone Googling you will know that you are a spammer.]

Given that Mr. Sheehan is a spammer, he should have no moral objection to my publicizing his e-mail for the spammers who, like him, crawl C&F.  His e-mail address for his new association is: [email protected].  On his built-by-a-high-school-student website, he refuses to list his e-mail address.  Perhaps because he is trying to avoid spammers such as himself?  In any event, here is his other e-mail address: [email protected].