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Pat Robertson in the White House

Delete Pattis, Prettier Than Napoleon Style

This just in from the customer service department. Prettier Than Napolean has managed to create a version of Crime & Federalism that deletes my posts and features only Mike's. I'm not sure who this blogger is, but I don't really mind being banished by someone who posts a picture of herself looking as though she's just recovered from a tough night at an opium den. But Napoleon Was A Man

Here's the post and instructions on how to banish me from your life. Enjoy. Banishment is what listeners who found Imus offensive could have done.

Pattis-free C&F Feed

As you people might have noticed from my recent posts, I have a pretty high tolerance for offensive internet speech. But I've had it with NormPattis's self-righteous use of the term "lynching" to describe Don Imus's firing (I've never been a big fan of Pattis's posts, and this made me realize that they are almost never worth reading). If you'd like to read only Mike's posts at C&F, you can subscribe to this feed.

Posted by Amber at 6:37 PM