Greetings From Georgetown
Day Two At Georgetown

Wassup With Jones Day?

I am a small town lawyer. So when I visit big cities I keep an eye out to see how the other half lives. Today I stumbled on the Washington office of Jones Day. Holy cow.

I was returning from the Capitol, where I took pictures of the building and some of the ever-present tulips. I have serious tulip envy. We can't grown them at our place because we are overrun with deer. Tulip bulbs are like caviar to them.

The buildings in Washington impress me. All these granite behemoths with broad facades sidling up to the curbs. "We're a new nation, but we're aiming to stay," they seem to shout. I read the names on the buildings. I am all tourist, excited when I recognize something I've heard about before. Sort of like seeing a celebrity at a restaurant.

"Jones Day," one of the imposing structures announces by way of some street-level sign. My first thought is that it must be the name of a building contractor doing some work on the facade. But then I see the name above the doorway. "Jones Day" this massive granite toaster proclaims. With a name like that, it must be a law firm. I try to peek into windows as I go by. Few signs of life. But furtive smokers are gathered out back. People work there.

I check Google back at my hotel. A firm with 2,200 lawyers and 30 offices around the world. The firm's web page gives a choice of six languages. The firm represents more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, it boasts. I am intimidated. Imagine filing suit against someone and having that block of granite thrown at you.

I am not sure whether to admire the audacity, however. Imagine buying a former government building with a view of the Capitol. That is a firm with a blue chip on its shoulder. It probably has a committee to manage issues relating to image and decorum.

Anyone know who owned the building before the blue bloods invaded? And anyone have any idea what it is like to work in such a colossus?