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David Motari Abuses Animals? Part 2

David Motari Abuses Animals?

In this video, someone in Iraq identified as "Motari" tosses a puppy into the air, probably killing or crippling it.  The video is very disturbing, and is located hereMotari_animal_cruelty_1

The David Motari (a United States Marine) depicted in this picture looks identical to the man posted in the video who is identified as "Motari"; though, with goggles on, it's hard to make a perfect ID.  Here is his "Bebo" profile containing additional pictures.

It could also be the case that the video is fake.  This seems highly unlikely, given the low-tech camera used to shoot the footage.   

I will keep you updated on the matter.

If David Motari is the puppy killer, he is undoubtedly a sociopath who does not feel remorse or shame.  After confirming him as the puppy killer, we must engage in an online campaign to ensure that everyone who does business with or associates with him is warned.  The puppy had no choice; humans, through education, will.

UPDATE: A rumor  has surfaced that David Motari works for Blackwater Worldwide.  A Blackwater official has confirmed that no one depicted in that video is a Blackwater employee or contractor.

UPDATE: David Motari's "Bebo" profile has been switched to private: people outside of his "friends network" are not authorized to view his profile.  He has ignore my repeated requests to confirm or deny that he is the "Motari" depicted in the YouTube video.  I will keep you updated as this story develops.

UPDATE: Others have noted, and I agree, that we must await confirmation of the puppy killer's identity before taking further action.  The matter is still under investigation, and we need to confirm identities.   Once we have confirmation, we should do everything legally within our power to make the killer's life a living Hell.  But we must await confirmation before taking further action.   

UPDATE: The Marine Corp is investigating the matter. 

UPDATE: I have an update to this post, including a link to mainstream media coverage, here