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Who is the Sexist Here?

Tamara Klopfenstein seems to be a sexist:

According to court papers, Klopfenstein worked for six weeks as a part-time receptionist and data entry clerk. In her suit, she claims that the office environment was tinged with sexism .... After just a few weeks on the job, Klopfenstein claims that a male co-worker invited her to lunch in an e-mail that said "I feel bad you have been working here for a couple of weeks and we haven't gotten to know each other yet."

In her deposition, Klopfenstein testified that she found the invitation "very offensive" because "there is no reason why a man and a woman should go out to lunch together without any other party around. To me that's a date."

Not to me, or most other men in the 21st century.  Women and men work together.  Co-workers often dine together.  This is basic logic. 

But she's too sexist to grasp basic logic.  Klopfenstein further complained:

[T]he centerpiece of Klopfenstein's suit was the ongoing dispute that erupted over her objection to being asked to serve coffee to her male supervisors.

Klopfenstein testified that she acquiesced once or twice, but that she found the request demeaning and embarrassing and believed that they "reinforced outdated gender stereotypes."

I get coffee for whoever wants it.  And I'm a man.  Who knew retrieving coffee was woman's work?  I sometimes even go all the way to Starbuck's and pay for the coffee with my own money.  To buy coffee for women!  Sometimes women who are receptionists.  I'm such a chump!

I think Ms. Klopfenstein should be sent to mandatory sensitivity training.  She obviously has a problem with men.  Her sexism must not be tolerated in today's workplace.

Her lawyers should also be required to undergo mandatory CLE training to combat sexism:

Plaintiffs attorneys Timothy M. Kolman and Rufus A. Jennings of Timothy M. Kolman & Associates in Langhorne, Pa., said in an interview that they intend to appeal the ruling, and that Schiller erred by failing to recognize that some tasks are "inherently more offensive to women."

In other words, women should not be asked to do the same work as men.  What a revolting viewpoint.  I bet those lawyers also think that women should be required to earn less than men.  After all, if you won't do the same work, why should you earn the same wages?

I wonder how badly that law firm treats their male employees?  Someone needs to investigate that sexist law firm immediately.