Fifth Circuit Covers Up Serious Judicial Misconduct
Terry Christensen Convicted in Pellicano Case

Judge Kent Issues Statement

Judge Samuel Kent's lawyer has issued a statement regarding the criminal charges pending against Judge Kent:

"Judge Kent is innocent of charges. He did have a relationship with this woman, worked for him for six years never complained about their relationship, which was completely consensual. The first time she ever complained was when she was about to be fired. Then she successfully avoided getting fired by making these outrageous claims that are not true. We will contest it and we will go to trial. Important thing to knows is that 5th Circuit Judges heard all of the evidence and they could not arrive at a unanimous or near unanimous verdict that Judge Kent had done anything wrong. This is a classic swearing match between a woman who has motive to lie and a United States District Judge who has faithfully served the public for 18 year as District Judge and 15 years as lawyer."

This statement presents some interesting issues.  First, it sets Judge Kent up for a defamation lawsuit.  Whatever happens at trial, Judge Kent may now be sued for defamation.  Of course, setting one's self up for a civil suit is worth it when facing criminal charges.  Sometimes you gotta go all in.

That said, the statement cites me as incredible.  If Judge Kent were really having a consensual relationship with his secretary, why would have have fired her?  Does that really sound like something someone would do? 

Generally, when a person is dipping his pen in company ink, he keeps even the most incompetent people on staff.  Kids and lovers never get fired, even when they should be.

Here, Judge Kent wants us to believe that he was going to fire his lover.  Yeah, that's believable.