Does Marina Tylo File Frivolous Lawsuits?

Marina Tylo Meets Barbara Streisand

Pop quiz: What happens when you file a frivolous lawsuit against a New York law blogger? 

Marina Tylo is about to learn.

Ms. Tylo, as first reported by Scott Greenfield yesterday, filed a frivolous defamation lawsuit against a New York law blogger.  This wasn't a very good idea, since filing a frivolous lawsuit against a law blogger is not the type of event that other bloggers will ignore. 

She filed the defamation lawsuit because the law blogger's post was supposedly harming her reputation.  I read the post several times, and really don't see how it harmed her reputation in any meaningful way.  That's her story, though.

Before she filed the lawsuit, anyone who typed her named into a search engine would have come upon her first website and the law blog's (not at all) damaging post. 

Now anyone who Googles her name will find multiple hits noting that she files frivolous lawsuits.

Is that how someone protects her reputation?   By suing a law blogger?  Really?  Who advised Ms. Tylo that filing the lawsuit was a good idea?  She should sue her lawyer for malpractice.

Oh, wait.  According to the summons that Mr. Greenfield helpfully posted, Ms. Tylo filed the lawsuit pro se, that is, on her own behalf.  She's literally her own lawyer.

I don't know much about Marina Tylo.  Indeed, before yesterday, I didn't know she existed.  But I now know enough to seriously mistrust her judgment, ethics, and professional competency.