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I've recently started using Twitter.  Most of the people I follow are bloggers.  What do most of them Twitter about?  Their blogs!  The updates I read look like this: "I have a new blog post."  That's all they do!

Guys and gals, I already read your blogs.  That's how I know you.  I don't need to be told that you have a new blog post up.  I'll see it at your blog.

I thought people would do something else with Twitter.  Perhaps posting a link or two to something that's not on-topic for one's blog, but that is nonetheless interesting; or something that is interesting but not worth a full blog post.  A couple of Twitter-bloggers do this.  One famous law blogger is into ballroom dancing.  I enjoy seeing his links to various videos.  It broadens my world.

But just posting updates that your blog has been updated?  That makes Twitter seem like a redunancy.