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Mental States v. Outcomes

Why do people look to the mental states of person rather than the outcomes the person produces? 

Part of this comes from religious superstition.  The Bible provides that: “But to the one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is reckoned as righteousness.”  Rom. 4:5.  Most of the motivation comes from the need for self-deception.

Everyone wants to think of himself as a good person.  “I’m a good person.”  “I mean well.”  In our society, that lie works.

Use the n-word but welcome blacks into your home.  You’re a racist.  Talk about how much you love black people, but go years without having a black guest into you’re home.  You’re not racist. 

In reality, the average flyover country red neck is less racist than your typical coastal liberal.  I know.  I’ve worked in junk yards and law firms.  I’ve worked with poor white trash and rich liberal scum.  The rich liberals win the racism war.  That truth is hidden by leaves because coastal liberals say they love blacks.  Mental states control.

Mental states control our view of charity.  I’ve found a great way to not get invited to dinner with people.  I was at lavish dinner with a bunch of do-gooder liberals.  They kept talking about the poor.  Oh, they feel so sorry for the poor!  They wept over chateau de whatever wine. 

Unable to withstand the hypocrisy any longer, I said, “We talk about the poor, yet the check for this dinner will be over $600.  Why not order a few less bottles of wine, donating the savings to charity?” 

Gasp.  Audible silence.  Evil looks.

Well, why didn’t we?  Why are we spending money on food we  don’t need (and that has probably made us  obese) when there are poor people who don’t have anything to eat?  The answer is that we’re cruel-hearted bitches and bastards focusing on our self-indulgence.  God save the person who tells us that!

Consider the irony of rich people talking about their love for the poor.  How can you drive a Mercedes when people are starving?  How can you drink $5 lattes when there are homeless people?  If you really cared about the poor, you would live a modest life.  You would drive a used car, brew your own coffee, and wear simple clothing.  You’d strike the balance between a vow of poverty and life of excess. 

You would if you actually cared rather than pretended to care.

So how do we avoid those uncomfortable and inconvenient truths? 

It’s easy.  Elevate mental states over outcomes.

Thus, a person who has done fuck-all for the poor can feel good about himself.  “Well, I care about the poor.  Inside my little mind is all of this love and compassion for them.”  Anyone who mentions that mental states are irrelevant will be mocked.  “No, no, no.  You just don’t get it.  Sure I make six-figures and live in an all-white neighborhood.  I give less than 1% of my salary to charity.  None of that matters.  I care about people.”

Elevating mental states over outcomes let’s use feel good about ourselves for no good reason at all.