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Is Sotomayor's Impoverished Upbringing Relevant?

So Sotomayor grew up poor.  According to liberals who did not grow up poor, this matters.  For some reason.  Why?  Supposedly it makes people more empathethic. 

Well, I grew up pooooooor.  Not John Edwards, "My dad was a union manager making middle-class wages" poor.  I was actually poor.  As a kid, we were on welfare.  We had holes in our carpet.  Our roof leaked.  Until my mid-teens, I never traveled more than an hour away from my home.  We never had a car reliable enough to take on road trips.   We got school clothes once during the school year.  Two pairs of pants had the last the entire school year.

Liberals would not want me on the Supreme Court.

Why not?  I grew up the "right" way, didn't I?  I was poor!  I have life experiences!

What is wrong with me then, according to liberals? 

Speaking of which...

Didn't Just Clarence Thomas grow up really poor?  He was poorer than I.  And he was black!  I do not get all into this white privilege stuff.  I would rather be rich and black than poor and white.  Even you "race theorists" would, too.  Still, poor and black is as bad as it gets.

Liberals should thus be pleased that Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court.  Right? 

So.... What is really going on here?

I guess when we become adults, we stop seeing the truth we'd see as children.  A child would know what's up.  No one cares about Sotomayor's upbringing.  They care about her ideology.  Rather than admit that people form ideologies for many reasons - upbringing being just one of them - we should pretend that he ideology magically appears in all of us who grew up poor.

May we please then act like children, and start addressing the truths of her nomination?  Or must we continue to act like adults - which means behave as liars do!