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Legalized Prostitution and Sexual Slavery

I'd always said, gee, of course prostitution should be legal.  I'm changing my mind.  San Francisco has de facto legalized prostitution.  You can go to to read reviews of "massage parlors."  Prostitution is, more-or-less, legal.

San Francisco is, not coincidentally, a center for sexual slavery.  The San Francisco Chronicle did a report on this issue in 2006.  The situation has not changed. 

This Chronicle article is something to read if you're in favor of legalized prostitution.  

It's so easy for those of us to say, "Freedom!"  Yet, in reality, our freedom to pay for sex comes at the expense of a sex slave.

I'm sure some of you can make libertarian arguments in favor of legalized prostitution.  None of them will be arguments I have not thought of or considered.

In reality, centers where prostitution is legal in form or substance - like Amsterdam and San Francisco - are also centers of sex slavery.  This is not abstract argument or a prior philosophical nonsense.  This is empirical fact.

How can you support legalized prostitution when it will - in fact - lead to sexual slavery?