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Lessons from Bernie Madoff, Robert Allen Stanford, and Marc Rich

Bernie Madoff surrended himself to authorities.  He cooperated fully.  He put up no fight.  He got 150 years in prison - a death sentence.

J. Allen Stanford, who has not yet been convicted, returned from a foreign country to fight the criminal charges against him.  He could have fled, but he did not.

The moral of the story is clear: If you are rich, play litigation like it's a game of inches.  Madoff should have dragged out the legal proceedings against him.  He should have demanded his right to a trial.  He would have been convicted, but he would have bought himself the one thing money can't buy - time.

While Madoff couldn't have fled the country, since he cheated too many Russian mobsters: Stanford could have.  Yet he hired a lawyer before surrending himself to federal authorities.  Now he sits in jail, because some judge who doesn't care about the Constitution says Stanford is a flight risk.  No bail for you, Robert Allen.

Marc Rich, years ago, fled the United States.  Not only has he never been in prison; he got a full presidential pardon.

If you haven't been indicted and are rich, you can follow the example of Robert Allen Stanford or Marc Rich.  The United States Government has given you guidance on which strategy is most effective to preserving your liberty.