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Moral of the Hofstra Rape Hoax: Film It?

Hofstra Gang Rape Hoax, and Feminism's War Against Men (UPDATED)

Hofstra had its own Duke Lacrosse Case:

The student who alleged she was gang raped by five men inside a Hofstra University dormitory bathroom on Sunday has admitted to making the entire story, the Nassau County District Attorney's office confirmed on Wednesday night.

Who is this woman who falsely accused four men of rape? They story doesn't say! The false rape complainant who had four innocent men jailed, must have her privacy protected. She is thus identified as "the student," "the accuser," or "the woman." How about giving us her name?

The story does, however, name the wrongly accused:

 The four men, Hofstra student [redacted by Mike] had been charged with five counts of first-degree rape.

Wonderful! How awesome it must be for those four men, for the rest of their lives, to have to explain to people who Google their names, that they really didn't gang rape someone. Awesome first-date and job-interview topics. Meanwhile, the woman who had the men imprisoned for three days while the D.A. investigated the case, remains anonymous.

The story gets better: 

As of late Wednesday night, the district attorney had not decided whether to press charges against the woman. A press conference will be held Thursday morning.

What is there to decide?  If I kept a woman in a dungeon for three days, I'd face serious felonies.  The false accuser had four men kept in jail for three days.  What is the difference?  It's false imprisonment.

Stories like this remind me why I'm no longer a feminist. Feminists do not want equality: They want to oppress.

Equality would demand that the woman, who is now herself a criminal suspect, be publicly identified by the media.  I understand - even if I disagree - with the media's blackout rule regarding alleged rape victims.  You want to protect an alleged rape victim's privacy.  That makes sense.  Yet that rule has been extended to even those women who falsely accuse men of rape.

Did you know that the mainstream median never identified Crystal Gail Mangum - the Duke Lacross Case accuser - by name?  Instead, her privacy had to be protected...Because?..."Because we have the power."

Equality would demand that women who falsely imprison men be charged with serious felonies. Equality would demand that, in a rape investigation, police and prosecutors determine whether the gang rapists even knew who the rape victim was.

Feminism is not about equality. It is about male oppression. Once feminists start taking equality seriously, then I'll start taking feminism seriously.  Until then, I will remain  as terrified of feminists as I would be of any other hate group - and this Hofstra case illustrates why every man should be afraid, too.  UPDATE: See this post here, for a real-life date-rape case.