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The NYTPicker

Media bias discussions are frustrating.  The ones who mention media bias are right-wing goons.  The Left has no problem with the Times.  One cannot have an interesting discussion with fools.  

There is no doubt that the New York Times is incredibly biased.  Why is the Times biased?  In what is the Times biases?  The NYTPicker offers many answers.  The theme: The Times is made up of people.  These people have i-s-s-u-e-s.

Written by professional journalists, the NYTPicker is no a right-wing smear 'zine.  I'd wager that most of the journalists are liberal.  Their stories show that most media biases is due to cultural snobbery, advertiser influence, and the echo chamber effect.  Most reporters are liberals, don't talk to conservatives or libertarians, and thus don't view some news stories as being newsworthy.  

Why wasn't the mainstream media all over the John Edwards Love Child Story?  Such stories are , of course; but no less trashy than Jenna Bush's hard partying.  When Republicans (or children of Republicans) goof, it's newsworthy!  When People Like You use one's cancer-ridden wife as a campaign stump while banging a PR cougar...Where is the story...Have we all not sinned?  

If you care about professional journalism, you must read NYTPicker.